Why London House Capital?

London House Capital is a wealth management boutique that provides bespoke investment strategies, generational wealth planning advice and access to a suite of international financial instruments. We structure and consolidate your portfolio while still providing custodial diversification, unlike the traditional broker house. Because we are independent specialists, we are able to provide active advice while minimizing management costs. We manage portfolios in a diversified, regulated and cost efficient environment.

Our Investment Principles


London House Capital works with a selection of the best custodians in the industry so your wealth is safeguarded with the highest standards. 


Our culture of discretion in managing our clients' affairs is paramount to building the trust that lies at the core of our wealth management partnership.


We have no external shareholders so we can focus on providing long term, unbiased and product agnostic advice. This also means that London House Capital and our clients' interests are completely aligned.


We only recommend financial instruments that suit your goals. We model the appropriate portfolio diversification and apply our knowledge and due diligence to reduce volatility.

Working with us

At London House Capital we prefer to build lasting personal relationships with our clients. We start by having conversations in person, video conference or by phone. We work to understand your financial goals and discuss suitable strategies to meet them. Only after both parties are comfortable do we present you with an investment proposal. We then implement, monitor and rebalance your investments regularly.  Unlike mainstream brokerage houses we are available on an on-call basis 24/7 for our clients.


Interested in working together? Get in touch.


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